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Version 2.2 Build 31 - FINAL

The Maid is Dead! Long Live The Maid!

Sim File Maid does not work with The Sims 2

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Welcome to the phenomena known all over the 'net as "The Maid". The Sim File Maid (aka "Sims File Maid") is an amazingly popular, amazingly easy tool that lets you install downloaded files for The Sims! The Maid is believed compatible with all past and current versions of The Sims.

New in version 2.0: The Maid will also help you make your clothes skins "buyable" downtown and more!

New in version 2.1: The Maid can now download updates of herself, check out the "Get Updates" page for more information.

New in version 2.2: You can now customize how The Rack looks! Check out the FAQ to learn how.

The simple drag-and-drop interface allows you drag-and-drop one or more of the following onto The Lawn:

  • Sims data files (.skn, .cmx, .bmp, .flr, .wll, .iff, .far) or self-extracting installers (.exe)
  • Zip files containing Sim data files or self-extracting installers!
  • Folders containing any combination of the above!
  • Folders containing folders containing any combination of the above!
  • Folders containing folders containing folders containing any combination of the above!

Ok, you get the point.

Do you know English and one or more other languages? Want to have your name in the Credits for The Maid? Want +25 to Karma? Want to get a warm fuzzy feeling every time you run The Maid? Want a few million dollars? If you answered "yes" to at least the first question, do I have a deal for you! I'm looking for linguists to help The Maid with her language skill. First read the language docs and then e-mail me the language pack and/or README when you're done! Oh, and the "million dollars" thing was just a hook, by the way.


Sim File Maid is not supported or endorsed by Maxis or Electronic Arts. Although if they'd like to use/improve/distribute/support/endorse it, I'd be happy to work with them on such an endeavour. But I'm not begging or anything. Really. Just sayin'.