Sim File Maid

"Get Sim File Maid" Logo Program

So you want to put a link to The Maid on your website, eh? Absolutely. Link away. I ask that you link only to the main Sim File Maid page at as if the site ever moves, that page will contain the changes.

Thanks to Kimberly over at SunniSims for the new Sim File Maid 2 link graphic:

Also, I've provided two graphics for Sim File Maid 1, if anyone still wants it:

Small and large .

Thanks to Hairfish over at Mermaid Cove for the link graphics.


Sim File Maid is not supported or endorsed by Maxis or Electronic Arts. Although if they'd like to use/improve/distribute/support/endorse it, I'd be happy to work with them on such an endeavour. But I'm not begging or anything. Really. Just sayin'.