Sim File Maid

Windows only. No Mac Version. Don't ask.

If you're installing Sim File Maid for the first time, you'll need two files the Sim File Maid Installer (200kb), and the Helper Files Installer (1.6mb). Once you've installed them both once, all you'll ever need to download is the Sim File Maid Installer or use The Maid Updater to get it for you in the future.

IMPORTANT: If the Helper Files Installer produces errors, CLOSE ALL RUNNING PROGRAMS and windows, re-run the Helper Files Installer click "ignore" to any error messages and keep going. This is normal. Run "Sim File Maid" from the "Start" menu (or Start -> All Programs on Windows XP). If that doesn't work, THEN contact the author for help.

Source code is available under the terms of the GPL. Microsoft Visual BASIC 6+ necessary, NSIS to use the installer-generation scripts, and unzip.dll from Info-Zip for it to be of any real use. Distribution of source-compiled application requires a number of Visual BASIC libraries.

Sim File Maid is not supported or endorsed by Maxis or Electronic Arts. Although if they'd like to use/improve/distribute/support/endorse it, I'd be happy to work with them on such an endeavour. But I'm not begging or anything. Really. Just sayin'.